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Application FAQs

The Frequently Asked Questions below are intended to assist with the Regeneron STS application process. To support all entrants and make information accessible, this page will be updated throughout the application process as we identify new and common issues. For questions regarding the history of the program, awards, or other information, please refer to the FAQ page on the program website.
  • Who can enter the Regeneron Science Talent Search (Regeneron STS)?
    • Any student who is enrolled in and attending his or her last year of secondary school in the US and its territories may apply. Also, students who are US citizens living abroad may qualify. Please read the Rules and Eligibility 2018 document for more information.
  • Can students who have completed team research enter Regeneron STS?
    • No; only independent, individual research is eligible. Even if students performed different parts of the experiment or if one student was the primary investigator, this is still considered team research. Students may not “split” a team project and enter it in Regeneron STS. 
  • Can students who have worked with scientist mentors or college students enter Regeneron STS?
    • Yes; these students are eligible to enter Regeneron STS, but in terms of judging, students should consider if the work is substantially their own. Judges understand that sometimes scientists cannot allow students to choose their own topic or sometimes the main part of a procedure is already known. Students should consider what portions of the research they can take credit for and if they believe it shows their potential as a scientist. 
  • Can homeschooled students enter Regeneron STS?
    • Yes. Homeschooled students should contact the Society to have their school added to the high school lookup function, just as other new schools are added. They will also need to provide a document indicating what courses they have completed and their success in those courses, and submit that as a school transcript through their High School Report Recommender.
  • How can I apply?
  • Can I preview just the application questions?
    • Sure thing, you can read a PDF containing the Application Questions 2018, but you must complete an application through our online system. We do not accept hard copies or any version sent to us outside of the system.
  • I am a teacher/mentor/curious adult/future entrant who would like to see the application questions. What should I do?
    • We recommend you download the PDF of this year's application questions here. If you would like to open an account, we ask that you identify yourself in Task 1 as a non-applicant (multiple choice question). You will still be able to explore the actual online system, but this allows us to keep a true count of open applications and potential entrants.
  • I don’t have official copies of my test scores.  What should I upload?
    • If at all possible, students should upload official copies of test scores, but should not do so if they have to pay money for it. Student entrants may print unofficial scores from the CollegeBoard/AP/other test administrator’s website, scan and upload those copies. Student entrants are responsible for uploading their own test scores into this application.
  • How should I format my research paper?
  • What type of recommendations do I need?
  • Here are a few tips for requesting your recommendations:
    • We recommend that you request your recommendations the day you open your application to allow your recommenders plenty of time.
    • Talk to, or email your recommenders to ask them if they would be willing to complete a recommendation on your behalf. Let them know that they should anticipate an auto-email from our online system-- the sender name will be "Regeneron Science Talent Search." 
    • It is your responsibility to remind your recommenders to submit their recommendations before the deadline. We cannot accept any portions of the application, including recommendations, after the deadline.
    • Recommendations are due on November 8, 2017 at 8pm Eastern Time.
  • My recommender did not receive their auto-email regarding my recommendation. What should I do?
    • First, ask them to check their spam folder. Most of the time they will find the email there and will be able to activate their accounts.
    • If they still cannot locate the message, double check the email address you entered for them in our application system. Sometimes typos are made that prevent the recipient from receiving the message. You will be able to correct this type of error in the system.
    • If this does not work, please ask your recommender to contact
  • Should I wait to submit my portion until after my recommenders have completed their recommendations?
    • No, do not wait. Recommenders will be able to submit their recommendations up until the Application Deadline even after you submit your portion.
  • Should my High School Report recommender wait to submit my transcripts until my first quarter grades are listed?
    • No, first quarter grades are not necessary. Please send transcripts as soon as possible.
  • Can the same person fill out more than one of my recommendations?
    • Yes. For example, if your research mentor is also your teacher, you may request one educator recommendation and one project recommendation from that person. In that case, students should consider requesting another educator recommendation from a different teacher, even if that teacher does not know the student as well.
  • Can a parent complete a recommendation?
    • Yes; if the parent fits the description of the recommender type. In these instances, students should consider requesting an additional educator or project recommendation from another person, even though that person may not have as much to contribute to the recommendation.
  • Can I request more than one of each type of recommendation?
    • Yes; this is not required, but an applicant may request a second of each type of recommendation. The option to request a second type of recommendation appears at the bottom of your “task” list (above the “Submit” button).
  • My high school recommender is having trouble uploading my transcript. What should they do?
    • This application cycle (2017/2018) marks the first time the Society will no longer accept mailed transcripts; all transcripts must be uploaded by the high school recommender in the online application. If your high school recommender is having trouble with our system, or has an issue with this new rule, please ask them to contact as soon as possible.
  • What happens if my recommender forgets or does not submit my recommendation before the deadline?
    • We cannot accept recommendations after the deadline, but your application will still be considered. It is difficult for our evaluators and judges to review your application without your transcripts and recommendations. Remind your recommenders if the due date is near and you have not yet received an email from our online system notifying you that the recommendation is complete.
  • I have transcripts from summer courses or community college. How can I share these items in my application?
    • You will need to provide your high school counselor with these documents, and they will need to upload them into the High School Report recommendation.
  • I need to change one of my recommenders. What should I do?
    • In your "Task List" click to view the recommendation you originally requested. You will have the option to delete the recommender request. If you choose to delete this request, then the individual you originally asked will no longer have access to the online system, and you will be able to enter information for a new recommender.
  • I'm a recommender. When I log into my account, I can see the names of students who have requested recommendations from me, but I cannot access the actual form. Help!
    • You will need to email to let us know. This issue arises occasionally if the recommender has opened a test application to see the content required of students. Our staff will need to remove your test account so that you have full access to the recommendation forms (we will need to do this for you, withdrawing your application will not resolve the issue). We still encourage you to explore the student application, but you will need to do so using a different email address.
Submitting My Application
  • Do I need to complete my application in one sitting?
    • No, you may work on your application in pieces and save your work until you are ready to submit. We do recommend saving your essays in a Word document for safe keeping in case you experience problems with your internet provider.
  • Can I continue to edit my application after I hit "Submit"?
    • We encourage applicants to submit as soon as they have completed most of the application, preferably well before the deadline. This will give you peace of mind knowing your application has been submitted. You should receive a confirmation email to let you know that your submission has been received.
    • You may continue to edit your application after you hit submit, up until the November 15, 2017 at 8pm Eastern Time deadline. As long as you save the section, your changes will be implemented. You do not need to "resubmit" (in fact, there will not be an option to do so). You can check to see if your changes were made by downloading your submission.
  • When I preview one of my uploaded PDFs, I cannot see anything. Help! How do I know it's really in the system?
    • This happens on occasion. You can check to make sure your file is included in your submission by downloading your full submission from the internal home page. Click the "download submission" button above the blue progress bar. 

Application Deadline
  • When is the deadline?
    • The deadline is Wednesday, November 15 at 8pm Eastern Time. No exceptions will be made. All parts of the application must be received by the Society by this date and time, including transcripts and recommendations.
  • The Technical Support deadline is Tuesday, November 14 at 8pm Eastern Time.
    • If you have technical difficulties, please contact the Society at  All requests for assistance must be submitted prior to the Technical Support Deadline.
  • I have a special exception, will you accept my application after the deadline?
    • Unfortunately we cannot accept any application after the November 15, 2017 deadline at 8pm Eastern Time, no exceptions. You should aim to submit your application well before the Technical Support Deadline on November 14, 2017 at 8pm Eastern Time in case you experience any problems; this way you have allowed yourself enough time to resolve them.